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Welcome to The Light of Micha'el!

Hello Dear Friends!

Welcome to my blog and to my first post!  I really appreciate you taking the time to come and check it out.  

I was recently inspired to create this blog as a part of my newly developed project called, The Light of Micha'El, which is a movement centered around "harnessing the power of positive music, stories, thought, action and the written and spoken word -- to uplift, heal, counsel, inspire and bring more joy, light and love into the world."  I plan on offering a myriad of different creations and services through this project which I hope you will find to be uplifting and helpful.

I thought I would begin with this first post by sharing some of the introduction to my first book I recently began writing titled, Have the Conversation!  My Lifelong Experiments with the Timeless Technology of Prayer.  

After reading the introduction I would love to hear your thoughts, reflections or anything else you would like to share. Please feel free to add your comments below at the bottom of the blog, or if you prefer to contact me privately you can email me at

Also, if you're so inspired, please spread the word on the Facebooks and the Twitters about The Light of Micha'El, as I am hoping together we can make this positive movement catch fire around the planet.  To find my Twitter and Facebook pages, just click on the icons found on any of my website pages.

And now, here is a glimpse into Have the Conversation!

A few years ago a dear friend of mine asked me, “If you had the whole world as your audience for one moment, what would be the one thing that you would tell them?”

I thought for a couple of seconds and then replied, “I would remind them that The Great Spirit hears, listens, and responds to everything we communicate with It.  We just have to keep the dialogue open and ongoing and have the conversation.”

You may ask, “As a seemingly rational person living in the 21st century, do you honestly believe that it is possible for us to experience personal, two-way communication with something that is beyond what we can perceive with our physical senses?  Do you really think that this Great Spirit actually responds to our inquiries and requests?”

As someone who has experimented with this "spiritual technology"* with an open, curious and scientific mind for over three decades, my answer would be an emphatic, “YES, I DO!”

Some refer to this method of communicating with The Universe in a back and forth relationship as petitionary prayer, while others prefer to call it manifestation or visioning. Affirmations and goal setting can also be forms of two-way prayer.  

Call it what we will, when we sincerely use this sacred technology with an open mind and heart, I’m fully convinced that in time we do receive tangible answers to every one of our calls.  

The answers typically tend not to come in the ways we may expect them to or on our particular timeline - and action, patience and perseverance will likely be required on our part - but I’ve seen enough evidence in my life over the last 40 years to confidently conclude that over time the answers do mysteriously come.  

This book is the story of the unfolding of my lifelong Conversation from my birth to the present day.  It is a journey which provides a glimpse into my evolving understanding of my relationship to The Great Spirit/God(dess)/The Universe and the practice of prayer, as well as a personal sharing as to how I understand the process working of prayers being answered. Paradoxically, as you will see, sometimes my prayers have been answered by not being answered.

Though I’ve had the Conversation in a wide array of community settings, prayer has always been at its core a very personal, private and inward experience for me, as I’ve always viewed it to be for everyone else.

Given this perspective, I have no interest in converting anyone to anything by sharing my stories, as I have concluded that we don't have to be religious for this technology to be effective, nor do we have to believe in a particular concept of God for It to work.  The Conversation is available to everyone, at all times, everywhere, no matter what our belief systems may or may not be.  

That being said, I do my very best to be very cautious to not project my ideas out onto others in ways that come across as proselytizing.  However, while recently reflecting upon my answer to my friend’s question of “the one thing I would tell the whole world,” I had to ask myself, “Why aren’t you telling them?" "What are you waiting for?"  

In asking myself these questions, it became clear to me that it is now time to let my voice be heard and it is time to share my experiences with others about how I have been able to utilize this technology throughout the years in order to gratefully help make my life an inspired, meaningful and magical adventure.

So without further ado, I will now share my lifelong Conversation with The Great Spirit with you, with the intention that in doing so it may spark you to try out this wonderful technology for yourself, or simply to validate that which you already know and do.

As always, I wish you a wonderful journey!



*I first heard the apt description of prayer being a "spiritual technology" from Rabbi Zalman Schachter-Shalomi, back when I was in graduate school at Naropa University.  Bless his luminous soul!  

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