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From what I have seen and experienced, when approached with intention, being a dad can serve as an extraordinary path to self growth which can lead to tremendous personal discovery.  

Being an engaged dad truly is a path of karma yoga, or selfless service.  At the same time as being immensely enriching and rewarding, "papa-ing" is by no means an easy task.  

Given the demands that arise on a daily basis, I've found that it can be very helpful and healing to have opportunities to connect with other men who are currently having similar experiences.

By sharing our experiences and exploring some tools which have been discovered and developed upon the way, we are able to help support each other as we navigate the challenges we face, as well as being able to celebrate and honor our victories together.   

For this purpose, I have created 90 minute in-person group sessions, which take place over a a six week period.  

Please contact me for information on the the next upcoming series.

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