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When I see you, I see a divine being with infinite potential. That's the baseline for everyone I see. 

Potential for what?  Now that’s up to you to discover.

As a fellow journeyer in this modern world, I ask you:

Who are you and who do you want to become?

What obstacles are preventing you from becoming the person you truly want to be?

What inspires you and what inspiration are you here to give to the world?

As we explore these questions and more, if you are genuinely willing to engage honestly with yourself, with me and with your life, I am confident that you will get where you want to go and beyond, and that your life will become more and more the fulfilling and meaningful experience that you so deeply long for.  


Like anything in life, if you want to get somewhere or achieve something spiritually, you have to have an idea of WHERE you are going, WHY you are going there, WHEN you hope to get there, and then you need a plan as to HOW you are going to get to your destination.  You are obviously the WHO on this journey.

Consider our work together to be a kind of "Spiritual Training."  Just as you may choose to work with a Personal Athletic Trainer to help you get your physical body in shape, with particular goals in mind, I will act as your Personal Spiritual Trainer, to help you get your spiritual "body" fine-tuned and in increasingly better "shape," ready to achieve your goals.

With your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being in mind, as we build mutual trust, together we will explore your past and present, and we will create a plan, specifically tailored to your needs and desires for your future.  Your plan may include suggested spiritual practices, creation of a daily routine for optimal in-spiration, suggested readings and/or other lifestyle recommendations.  No two plans will be the same however, as you and I will write this "story" together and see how it unfolds with time. 

I typically begin working with clients (in person or via Skype) by doing a 2 hour initial consultation, which gives us the opportunity to get to know each other and to begin to set our goals for our work together.

After that, I suggest we meet monthly for one hour, or however often feels appropriate for you going forward.

I work with people ages 18 and older, including those of all faiths (none required), as well as with people of all sexual orientations.

Contact me for information regarding my rates.  Sliding scale is available. 

Are you ready?

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*I am a Spiritual Counselor, not a licensed psychotherapist.  If we determine that you would be better off working with a therapist, I have a wonderful network of professionals who I will happily refer you to. 

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