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"For today's spiritually seeking people, Micha'el is an intuitive and trustworthy guide, who can help contemporary seekers to find their own spiritual home.

Micha'el, through his own training and experience, understands and knows how to navigate the challenges that face people seeking to live their soul life with intention and integrity.

His discerning and gentle process is based on what he draws from the deep roots of many spiritual traditions of the world. His approach is coupled with the wisdom he has gained through his own courageous and inspiring journey. This helps Micha'el to assist those who want to open their hearts and souls in ways that ground them also in their social and professional life." 

Rabbi Zalman Schachter-Shalomi



"From my personal experience with Micha'el I know him to be a wise and extremely perceptive spiritual guide. At a time when life can be so complicated for men and women who value integrity and spiritual growth, Micha'el can be trusted to conduct you through the labyrinth of difficulties and to help you open to possibilities you might not otherwise see."

Rabbi Burt Jacobson, Founding Rabbi of Kehilla Community Synagogue 



Micha'el, a dear friend, has proven over the years to be a sensitive and discerning ally. Consistently enthusiastic to engage the challenges and circumstances life blesses us with as opportunities for growth, Micha'el has accrued much experience successfully navigating his own path as well as being a kind and loving support for those around him. 

Having studied and trained in the theories and practices of Tibetan Buddhism, Advaita-Vedanta Non-Dualism as well as the progressive unfolding path of Jewish Renewal, and now further refining his gifts as an intuitive, Micha'el comes well equipped to language experience in both specific and general terms, all to the benefit of others. 

Throw out the "cup half full or empty" model with this man! Micha'el is one of the rare gems whose cup overflows with love and exuberance for his fellow beings on the path to waking up! 

I wish my dear friend Micha'el and his growing list of clients all the blessings of integrity and patience in healing, while also strengthening the bonds of inspiration between Heaven and Earth! 

Amitai Z. Malone, Friend,



"There are teachers out there who are capable of inspiring you to things greater than you would have dared on your own. There are guides with the innate strength and ability to hold courageous space for whatever it is that is currently alive in you. There are spiritual beings who move through life infused with lightness, joy, and meaning.

Micha'el, my dear friend and fellow light worker has the best abilities of all three of these wrapped into a package of awesome.

If you are looking for more of You in your own life, more of the Sacred, more of the Meaning and way more of the Fulfilling, I sincerely encourage you to work with Micha'el. It'll be gangbusters in the best possible sense!"

Julia Kious Zabell, Business Coach to Do-Gooders,



"When you hold your hands and your body together and embark on your spiritual journey alone, you find your limitations because your journey is not being shared.  When you let go, and let the pendulum of your own insight swing into another person’s soul, there lays the opportunity for growth and expansion and healing; to be mirrored, to be loved and to be seen.  Why do we not do this more often?

Because, too often there is a reason to distrust whom we allow to see deep within us.  Too often we lean in to someone who is not ready to see themselves or to see us for who we really are.  Our response is to recoil into ourselves and embark on the journey of self-healing alone, gliding over opportunities to really meet someone because of a long and un-owned fear of uncertainty of what will happen.  However, deep inside, there is a longing to transcend the fear and to trust someone with our hearts yet again.  That never goes away, it is always with us.

Let me say this with certainty; when I am with Micha'el I no longer feel the need to recoil into myself. His presence of mind and heart is an embodiment of the modern man and it is men like him that each one of us is longing to meet.  He has the ability to embody strength and vulnerability, softness and passion all within the same breadth which is a quality that can often go unmatched.  It is not only a relief to be with Micha'el, it is transformative."

Jordan Marks, LMFT, PPSC



"Micha'el's unique warm character has been instrumental for me and allowed me to open and tap into a deeper level of inspiration within me.  With Micha'el's guidance I am more present and accountable in my personal quest to becoming the highest level of man I can be. I know Micha'el intimately on a personal and professional level and I can say with true conviction, he is the most sincere, insightful, loving and open person I have had the good fortune to cross paths with, and I know without a doubt that he is serving mankind well through his all of his many servives."

Dan Berger, Project Engineer in the Solar PV Industry  



"Micha'el is a man who radiates authenticity and warmth, and naturally benefits others."

Rev. Danny Fisher, author of the Patheos "Off the Cushion"  (




"I first met Micha'el (then Tim Talbott) on the island of Dominica about 13 years ago. He was a part of the Peace Corps at the time and was embarking on an exciting spiritual journey which has undoubtedly informed and inspired his work.  If you are a modern spiritual seeker wishing to find someone to help guide you on your path, you cannot go wrong with Micha'el.  For as long as I have known him, Micha'el has possessed an insatiable hunger for knowledge and anything spiritual, but not in an over-zealous, narrow-minded way. 

Though he possesses great wisdom, Micha'el isn't someone who claims to know all of the answers.  One of his greatest strengths is that he will help you to find YOUR own answers as you progress along YOUR path.  From personal experience I can say without a doubt that our deep and inspiring conversations over the years have always left me feeling very edified.

Anyone who works with Micha'el can expect a welcoming environment free from judgment, regardless of your race, ethnicity, sexual orientation or your religious denomination. So once again, and I cannot stress this enough, what this movement is about is not Micha'el telling you what you should do and what path you should take spiritually; what he will help you with is to discover for yourself the right path for you and help you to live it to the fullest." 

Norman Francis, English Teacher (currently based in South Korea) 


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